About Us

Professional Selections has been helping companies select the best people since 1989.  We provide customized employment evaluations to hundreds of organizations, in a variety of industries, across America and Canada.

Selection Insight Survey - A state-of-the-art system for evaluating and rating employment candidates

Coaching Insight Survey - Measures the subject's abilities, opportunities and potential as an achiever 

360 Leadership Survey - Measures leadership effectiveness and describes opportunities for improvement

Perception Survey - Evaluate how well things are working, in your company or organization, and where you could improve 

Employee Selection

The Selection Insight Survey gives you a clear description of the candidate's personality, as well as an in-depth understanding of their capabilities in a specific position and their potential contribution to your team.

The subject is measured against a description of top performers in the position, and a 1 to 10 rating gives you a clear indication of how well the candidate meets your needs.  The Selection Insight Survey gives you a comprehensive evaluation of your candidates ability and potential for only $195.




Employee Development

The 360 Leadership Survey measures a manager's effectiveness, and also provides clear feedback on specific strengths and areas which are in need of improvement.

These surveys use a 360 method, asking for input from the subject, as well as from their coworkers, such as peers or team members, so you know you're getting the whole story.  A simple online process makes it easy to find out how your people are doing and how you can help them do even better.




Organizational Evaluation

The Perception Survey gives you a simple, affordable way to measure your company's effectiveness and spot problems before they grow.  Associates can complete the survey online, and it only takes 15 minutes.

A confidential survey allows people to share their ideas and provide candid opinions about how the company is doing in 10 key categories.  Let your people tell you what's going right... and what could be improved. 



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