Secret #6 - Evaluations

As the cost of hiring the wrong person continues to grow, so does the popularity of pre-employment evaluations.  Here's what you need to know:


Do they work? - Pre-employment evaluations are highly effective in improving a manager's ability to choose the best people.  They aren't perfect, but they are an excellent tool you shouldn't be without.  Clients rate the overall accuracy of our pre-employment evaluations at 85% to 90%, but even better, they rate the usefulness of our reports at 95% to 100%.  When making a decision this important, you need to use all of your resources.


How do they work? - What you do well is a natural result of your personality.  If you're outgoing, you need a job that uses your communication skills.  If you're a perfectionist, we can depend on you to handle the details.  By measuring a person's key traits, you can determine how well their abilities match the requirements of a certain position.  Many clients have their best producers complete the evaluation to establish a profile of a successful performer.


How do I use them? - You can use a pre-employment evaluation at any point in the selection process, depending on your needs.  Some managers use them as the first step, to find out if the candidate is even worth their time.  Most prefer to conduct an initial screening interview, before deciding to spend the money on an evaluation.  The information you gain from the evaluation, your reference checks and your screening interview, will help you zero in on key issues you need to discuss with the candidate.