Secret #4 - Interviewing

When Interviewing employment candidates, you have two main objectives.

1. Determine whether the candidate has the traits found in successful performers.

2. Begin to develop a positive, professional relationship with a potential team member.


Here are some of the techniques used by the best interviewers.

Ask for examples - When he says he's a great problem-solver, ask for the best example of his problem-solving skills.  If she claims to be a hard worker, ask when her hard work has been important.  If they won't be specific, you need to.  You're the Judge... get the evidence.

Open-ended questions - a question that can be answered with a "yes" or a "no" is a closed-ended question, and has limited value to an interviewer.  To get paragraphs instead of syllables, use questions which start with Who, What, When, Where, How and Why.

Layer your questions - a good interview question is like a great piece of lasagna, it comes in layers.  Don't accept an answer with no specific examples to back it up.  DIG DEEPER!  Make sure to ask... how did you make your decision?  What did you learn?  Why is that important?

And don't forget... this could be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship," as well as a profitable relationship for all.  Make the candidate feel comfortable and give them time to ask questions.  You need to be prepared to sell the advantages of holding this position, working for your company, and having you as a manager or coworker.  If you can't sell the company to employment candidates, you need to start looking for new employment yourself.

Click below for a format you can follow in your Selection Interviews: