Secret #2 - Job Descriptions

There are three critical reasons you need a good job description for every position in your company.


1.  When it comes to selecting new employees, you can't really understand what     kind of person you are looking for, until you understand the work they do.


2.  One of the most important things you can do to start training, is to hand your new employee a clear, accurate description of the job they will perform.  A good job description is like a roadmap to success.


3.  In order to hold team members accountable, you need to first agree on what is expected.  A good job description lists the activities required for success and the results which are expected.



There are three simple steps you can follow to produce useful, effective job descriptions.



1.  Produce a list of activities performed by successful people in the position, along with the approximate percentage of time spent in each area.  Don't be afraid to ask your best performers what they do.


2.  Look for the traits which are displayed by your top producers... the success habits they have in common.  What personality traits do you see in many of you best producers?


3.  Put it in writing, and review the job description every time you hire for that position.  You can download and print a job description format at:


Or you can complete a job description online, and we'll email you a copy.