Secret #1 - Commit to Quality

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.  That’s why the key to building a quality team, and a quality organization, is hiring quality people.  If your company is like most organizations, the top 25% of the team produces more than 50% of the results.  At the same time, most managers spend the majority of their time working with the bottom 25%… the people who give back the least.


In fact, when we ask managers to rate their team members, most admit they have at least one person on their team who is below-average by industry standards.  Hiring the wrong person damages your reputation, damages morale, and cost you money… a lot of money.  Studies show the cost of hiring the wrong person starts at $5000 and can easily spiral to ten times that amount.


Here’s the problem.  If you’re in manufacturing, you have a quality control system to avoid bad parts.  If you’re an accountant, you have a strict process you follow to make sure you get it right.  You spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars supporting your team members, but how much time and money do you invest in selecting them?  Do you have a quality control system for the people you hire?



Here’s what it takes


1.    Write effective Job Descriptions -  Selection Secret #2

2.    Recruit like the Pros -  Selection Secret #3

3.    Interview like the Pros -  Selection Secret #4

4.    Do Reference Checks -  Selection Secret #5

5.    Have candidates Evaluated Professionally -  Selection Secret #6

6.    Build and follow a Selection Process -  Selection Secret #7