The Perception Survey measures your perceptions, and those of your associates, in order to describe the company's present strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.  We are not interested in your name, only in your observations, ideas and opinions.  Your answers will be combined with others to form an overall profile of the company.  Your input is invaluable, and your participation is appreciated.





2. How would you describe the reputation of the Company?

3. What are the Company's most favorable traits at the present time?

4. What are the Company's most unfavorable traits at present?

5. If you could make any changes in the Company, what would you do differently?

6. What does the Company do to encourage open communication?

7. How much freedom do you have to be creative and try new ideas?

8. What actions, if any, should be taken to improve morale?

9. In what areas do you feel the need for more cooperation?

10. How could the company help you be more effective?

11. How does the company measure-up to the competition?



1  Indicate your observations of the Company, as a whole, in each of the following areas



  Seldom Occasionally Frequently Consistently
My coworkers are willing to listen to my ideas and opinions.
I receive needed information from others in the company.
Meetings provide me with clear information I can use in my work.
The Company strives to compete effectively with others in our field.
We have the resources we need to compete effectively.
We are successful in competing for, and hiring, good people.
People in the Company are cooperative and willing to help each other.
Our leaders cooperate with team members and with each other.
  Seldom Occasionally Frequently Consistently
When things get tough, people here support each other.
People here are allowed to try new ideas and fresh approaches.
We are encouraged to look for creative ways of accomplishing objectives.
Creativity is accepted and rewarded in the organization.
Company leadership sets clear goals for us to accomplish.
Leaders encourage people who want to grow in their work.
The leaders of the Company share a vision of the future with associates.
I see our leaders working hard to make us successful.
  Seldom Occasionally Frequently Consistently
I see others in the company displaying enthusiasm in their work.
My coworkers show they are happy and like working here.
I feel good about being a part of this Company.
I am optimistic about my future with the organization.
There are efficient systems in place for us to follow in our work.
We have clear priorities to follow in completing our responsibilities.
I see people trying to improve efficiency and organization.
People here react quickly to solve important problems.
  Seldom Occasionally Frequently Consistently
The appropriate people are allowed to participate in solving problems.
I have the resources I need to solve problems in my work.
I hear people say we provide a high-quality product or service.
People are attracted to the Company by our reputation for quality work.
I see coworkers emphasizing the importance of quality in their work.
My associates here show they are concerned about each other's needs.
I can depend on my coworkers to follow through on their commitments.
People throughout the company show a high level of trust in each other.