Selection Insight Survey

The Selection Insight Survey is a state-of-the-art employee evaluation system that's built for business.

  • Works for any position
  • Simple, 1 to 10, overall rating
  • Available online
  • Results in 24 hours

Selection Insight Surveys are evaluated by our staff of Personnel Analysts and rated based on your specific needs.  Here's how it works:

The hiring manager submits a Success Profile job description

The candidate completes the Selection Insight Survey

The next day you receive your Selection Insight Report

Each report explains the candidate's personality and describes their energy, attitude and work ethic.  Comparing the results of the evaluation to the requirements listed in your job description, allows us to produce a clear picture of how well they match the demands of the position.

For $195 an evaluation, you can upgrade your selection process.


 Selection Insight Report

The Selection Insight Report clearly describe the Behavioral Traits which form the candidate's personality, telling you whether they have the basic traits found in strong performers.

We also measure and describe the critical Achievement Traits, like work ethic and positive attitude, which determine how effectively the candidate uses his or her natural strengths.

To help you better understand how a candidate thinks and solves problems, we include a description of her or his Cognitive Traits.

Our Personnel Analysts provide specific Selection Tips to help managers focus on the most important issues to investigate and consider before making a selection decision.

The Analyst's Summary brings all of the information together, to tell you what kind of performance you can expect in a variety of key areas.  A 1 to 10 Performance Quotient rating indicates how well the candidate matches your job description.


Sample Report


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