Employee Screening

Success Strategies screening gives you a process for profiling and reproducing your best performers.  Here's how it works:

  1. Current associates complete the Success Strategy Survey

  2. Managers in each department identify their best performers

  3. The traits top performers have in common are profiled

  4. Profiles are used to screen new candidates

We have worked with companies across the U.S. to establish profiles of successful performers in a variety of positions and industries, and we can also customize the profile to meet your specific needs.

Success Strategies uses the most proven system in the world to evaluate the key Behavioral Traits of a candidate or associate.  More importantly, we measure a person's Achievement Traits, including work ethic, attitude and energy, to learn how well they use their strengths.

You can add the Success Strategy Survey to your selection process for just $25 a candidate, by purchasing the evaluations in prepaid lots of 100... or you can use the surveys on an individual basis for just $30. 


Employee Training

Success Strategies training is a powerful team-building experience that's both an evaluation and a training program.

It gives your people a simple, effective system to better understand themselves and other people.

Improves communication and cooperation by training associates to recognize and respond to the Behavioral Traits of others.

Helps managers better understand team members, so they can provide the support each individual needs to be most effective.

Each person who completes the 10 minute survey receives a profile of their Behavioral Traits, along with a Summary describing their behavior.  The evaluation is presented as part of a clear, useful training program that explains how to use the information to be more effective.

You can evaluate the Success Strategies of your associates and train your team members for just $40 each.  Buy 100 or more at a time and pay only $30 per evaluation.  


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