360 Leadership Survey

The 360 Leadership Survey measures a manager's style and effectiveness as a leader.  The 360 method allows key associates to tell managers what they are doing right... and how they could do better.

Both the manager and associates rate how well he or she is doing when it comes to important leadership responsibilities such as...

  • Encouraging open communication
  • Setting clear objectives
  • Building good working relationships
  • Staying available to others
  • Holding people accountable
  • Setting an example of hard work

Ratings in 30 important management functions, and overall ratings of the subject's effectiveness in People-Management, Task-Management and Self-Management.

The 360 Leadership Survey is both a powerful performance evaluation and a challenging development experience for leaders.  A manager, and up to 10 associates, can complete the 360 Leadership Survey for just $225.



Coaching Insight Survey

The Coaching Insight Survey allows you to understand the basic traits which shape the subject's personality.  Each report includes clear, specific measurements of key traits.

Behavioral Traits

Knowing the essential elements of a person's behavior gives you an insight into the needs which motivate their decisions.  Our approach, based on a method first proposed by Dr. Carl Jung, measures the four basic behavioral needs.


Achievement Traits

More recent advancements in the field of psychometrics have given us the tools to measure a person's achievement strategies.  By learning about people's work ethic, attitude and versatility, we know how effectively they use their behavior.  


Cognitive Traits

Measuring the way people think tells you how they go about solving problems and the way they approach making decisions.


A full-page graph allows you to see the whole picture, and a Summary by the Analyst tells you how it all works together to create the subject's personality.  All for just $195.



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