Your Most Basic Traits

Emotion and Logic

The way to understand the nature of a person is by measuring their most basic traits.  One of the simple, basic things we notice about people is, some are more logical, and some are more emotional.

Measuring whether a person is more emotional, or more logical, tells us a lot about how he makes decisions or how she interacts with other people.  There is no right or wrong way to be, and yes, you can be both.


Thought and Action

Another basic difference we see in people is, some are very decisive and action-oriented, and others are more deliberate and thoughtful.  Some want all of the details before moving forward, and then there are those who just like to "wing" it.

When you determine how much a person likes to think, research and plan before taking action, you have a basic measurement of how he or she handles problems and responds to the world around them.


Behavioral Types

When you combine Emotion and Logic with Thought and Action, four basic Behavioral Types emerge.

Controllers - Controllers are logical, action-oriented people who want to make the decisions, handle the problems, and control the world around them.  Some gain control by being assertive, and others by insisting on independence.  Whether they seek to make everyone’s decisions, or just their own, Controllers want just that... to be in control.

Interactors - Interactors are emotion in action.  Known for their enthusiasm and their outgoing personalities, they are usually the life of the party.  The kind of action that satisfies their emotions... is interaction. They love to entertain and are known for their ability to tell a good story.  Interactors know communication is the key to satisfying their needs.

Stabilizers - Stabilizers are people who think a lot about emotions, both their own and other people’s.  They worry quite a bit about problems, and potential problems, but they are also the most considerate of the four types.  Stabilizers are good team-players who are cooperative and helpful, because they like to maintain stable, harmonious relationships.

Perfectionists - Perfectionists want to get things right...  exactly right... and they spend a lot of time thinking about the logical way to do things. They want to get all of the facts before making decisions, and they will develop a high level of knowledge in their area of responsibility.  They are known for the accuracy and organization they display in their work.



Your Basic Traits

At the top of the brain is the cerebral cortex where complex though occurs

The brain stem, at the bottom of the brain, handles action-oriented responses

The right side of the brain is the primary source of emotion and creativity

While the left side of the brain is responsible for logic and analysis







Behavioral Types


Behavioral Traits

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