Work Ethic

The Insight Survey evaluates two different aspects of a person's work ethic... the intensity of the work ethic and the consistency of the work ethic.

Initiative describes the intensity of a person's work ethic.  High Initiative indicates a good self-starter with an ambitious nature and a willingness to take on new challenges.

Reliability is the consistency of the subject's work ethic.  A high Reliability score identifies a conscientious worker who is known for their consistency and follow-through.



Optimism is a measurement of positive attitude.  Highly optimistic people are known for their cheerful personalities.  They are enthusiastic and expect the best to happen.



Mental Energy is a key element in adaptable people.  The more Energy a person possesses, the better they are able to adjust to the people and the situations they encounter.



Achievement Traits


Initiative - The intensity of a person's work ethic

People with high scores in Initiative are ambitious, self-motivated and willing to take on new challenges.  They like to solve problems, and they are willing to take responsibility for making decisions and overcoming obstacles.  Some prefer working with people, and others like technical challenges, but they have one thing in common... They want to create progress.


Reliability - The consistency of a person's work ethic

People with high Reliability are conscientious, consistent and known for their follow-through.  They have the self-discipline that allows them to complete familiar duties with a high level of dependability.  Those with strong Reliability scores are persistent, determined achievers who are willing to pay a high price of hard work to make sure the job gets done.


Optimism - How strongly a person expects positive results

People who possess a high level of Optimism expect things to turn out right.  They are known for their enthusiasm and the confidence they display in their ability to get the job done.  Optimistic people are pleasant and cheerful most of the time.  A lower level of optimism makes people more objective or skeptical, which helps them anticipate potential problems.


Energy - A measure of the subject's mental vitality and versatility

High Mental Energy gives people the ability to adjust their natural behavior, in order to increase their effectiveness in working with a variety of people or in handling a variety of projects.  People with high Energy are known for their ability to get along with many different kinds of people, and they can perform effectively in positions which are multi-faceted. 


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